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Is a coach worth it - Part 1

One of the most common questions we get is…SHOULD I HIRE A COACH???


Well, do any of these sound like you?


1.Your training plan

is a thrilling blend of guesswork, intuition, and the advice of that one cousin who ran a 5K once.

    2. Your post-run recovery

    is a questionable blend of whatever protein powder was on sale and six-day-old banana bread.

    3. You're a seasoned physiotherapist

    who confidently diagnoses that weird knee pain as either a minor sprain or... imminent doom

    4. Your race goals

    shift from personal bests to simply not getting overtaken by that person in the overly enthusiastic dinosaur costume.

    5. Your hydration strategy

    depends on whether the water fountain at the park is working 🤷🏻‍♀️




      You can get started for as little as $15.

      I know coaching is an investment, but it’s so worth it. And thanks to our friends over at Team RunRun, you can find a coach for as little as $35/month.

      They have over 200 amazing coaches to choose from.

      And because we knew you might need some incentive to give coaching a shot, we’ve twisted their arms to throw in an extra $20 off your first month with code fuelgoods20.

      This is not a paid advertisement and we get no commission. We simply want to give you as many tools and resources as we can to help you hit your goals.

      When I got my first coach, my only question was why the heck I didn’t do it sooner.

      Don’t sleep on getting a coach like I did.

      Take the plunge. I promise it will help you have more fun and reach those goals.

      Let's get after it,


      PS - we dive deeper into the benefits of coaching in Part 2 HERE.

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