About us

Here's the story on why we do what we do and how it all started

Our mission

To help you remove the friction between wanting to fuel better and actually doing it

If you're on this website, you're probably devoted to an active lifestyle.

And you've probably said nutrition is important to you and you want to fuel your best.

And then you've probably gone and grabbed whatever crappy fuel was in your cabinet because it was available.

We say, stop the madness!

We're here to make sure you have access to good fuel and you always have it on hand

Our motivation

To make sports nutrition approachable for all people, body types, and speeds

Sports science is amazing.

Professional athletes are, too

But we found that most places that sell sports nutrition turn their nose up to us regular folk who aren't necessarily concerned about how many grams of carb per hour we consume or clinching our spot for the Olympics.

Enough of that. Fuel Goods is a space where every athlete belongs.

We don't care if you've been at it for 20 years or started yesterday.

We don't care if you're setting records or just setting out.

No matter where you're at, we're here to provide straightforward solutions to help you fuel your best.

Our Story

Fuel Goods isn't our first rodeo.

Since 2013, we’ve been delivering boxes of tried and tested products to runners and cyclists chasing down finish lines with The RunnerBox and The RiderBox. The boxes were a hit and we won lots of awards.

But they still didn't solve the problem of making sure people always had good fuel in their hands. Subscribers had to go to individual websites one by one to restock on product. It was annoying and people didn't want to do it.

We needed a place like Fuel Goods, but it didn't exist.

So we did what any crazy entrepreneurs would do and we built it.

Here at Fuel Goods, you’ll find hand-picked products for workouts and life.

And the convenience of getting them delivered on a schedule that works for you so you never run out.

It's fueling made simple.

No excuses. No hassles. And no reason to not keep the promises you made to yourself and hit those goals.

Meet the team

Based in the mountains of Asheville, NC, we are a team of former professional athletes, nutrition experts, and tech geeks on a mission to bring you products and experiences that will get you excited about fueling good.

  • Chief Endurance Officer (CEO)

    Laura Jorgensen

    Freak in the sheets #Excel 📈

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    Courteney Lowe

    Exercise and bread are life 🏃🏻🍞

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    Deonna Hodges

    Level 9 Half-Orc Barbarian 🐉

  • Chief Web Architect

    Brad Gillon

    Code Ninja on wheels 💻🚐

  • Content & Comms Manager

    Jennah Dunham

    Cilantro = Soap. #AntiCilantroCrusader 🌿🧼

  • Creative Director

    Eric Thompson

    King of Halloween costumes 🧟

  • Training is hard. Finding products to fuel your active lifestyle shouldn’t have to be. Our fitness and nutrition professionals sort through all the noise to deliver you a handpicked selection of top products to help you fuel your movement.

  • No matter your sport, speed, or diet, you’re in the right place. We believe everyone should be empowered to fuel good and we’re here to create customized recommendations based on your unique dietary, lifestyle, and workout needs.

  • Our auto-ship program is the training buddy that arrives at your door just when you need it. You can’t cut corners when you’re chasing goals, but you can cut costs on the best fuel in the business when the essentials are delivered at an interval that works for you.