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Courteney's Fueling Plan for Boston

Hey Fuel Gooders,

As we count down to the Boston Marathon, we’re thrilled to share an insider look into the journey of one of our own, Courteney Lowe, our Chief Product Officer.

Courteney isn’t just the force behind the products sourced for Fuel Goods; she’s a rockstar runner and an avid nutrition guru.

So then, how is she fueling for Boston? And, what everyone want to know, what shoes is she wearing???

We’ll let her tell you!


Breakfast of Champions


Without fail, my marathon mornings kick off with two thick, no-nonsense slices of sourdough toast slathered in mashed banana with a hit of cinnamon. It’s simple, hearty, and it packs the punch I need to take on the miles ahead.


Race Hydration


Throughout the race, I’m that runner gripping my handheld filled with a concoction of Skratch High Carb + Skratch Sport Hydration. Why? Because I’m a control freak – no surprises from aid stations for this girl.  🤷🏻‍♀️


Race Fuel


My stomach’s about as sensitive as Wi-Fi in a thunderstorm– very. So, it’s Spring or nothing. I kick off with Spring Awesome Sauce 10 minutes before the start, then follow it with a mildly caffeinated Spring Hill Aid every 40-ish minutes (that’s 3 total if you’re counting).

When I hit the 2:30 mark it’s a single caffeinated Honey Stinger chew every
10 minutes until I see that glorious
finish line.




Post-race, even when I'm not feeling it, I have a scoop of Ascent Chocolate Whey in water and ice within 30 minutes. Why? Because my legs deserve a thank you letter for not giving up on me. They always write back with less soreness.


Treats. Treats. Treats.


And what’s the marathon glory without the victory lap through Boston’s froyo and cocktail scene? I’m on a mission, and I need you, Boston crew, to light the way.

It's gotta be the shoes...


It's not a race without race shoes. Enter Hoka Cielo X1, the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground. Hoka went full throttle on these and I LOVE THEM. Who cares that I can only race in them twice (besides my wallet 🤷🏻‍♀️)


Whether you’ll be in Boston or not, here’s to everyone racing or spectating this weekend!

Let’s make it count,

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