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Boston Marathon and Why I'm Still Pinching Myself

Running a startup is hard and there are some days that I want to cry and tear my hair out.

And then there are some days that I pinch myself and can't believe that this is what I do for work.

The Boston Marathon was a weekend of those days. 

While I can't fit all the awesome that went down into words, here are some highlights.

1. We got to spend the afternoon with Kathrine friggin' Switzer

What an incredible gem of a human. It's always interesting to meet people you deeply admire because quite honestly, they don't always live up to the hype. Not Kathrine. She blew my mind with her kindness, generosity, and compassion. 

We got to hear about the new Rabbit Dream Chaser that debuted at Boston from the sneaker engineer himself. Yep, that's me just casually trying on sneakers with one of my idols *Pinch*


2. And be inspired by Kara Goucher 

Kara's talk was a powerful call to action for women of all ages to pursue their dreams relentlessly. I got to listen to this for "my job".*Pinch*

Oh, and guess who won the raffle here? Yes, this is my winning face 👇🏻🤪

3. Sunday's Shakeout Run

I wasn't racing, but there's nothing like shaking it with thousands of other runners through Boston's streets.

Seriously, I love this community. We are all so different, yet in these running moments, we find a shared beat to stride to. Even though I can't run far these days, with every step I smile ear to ear.

4. The Expo

Gotta love a good expo. Especially since we got to catch up with our friends at Maurten.

SPOILER ALERT: coming to Fuel Goods soon 🎉

5. @immrsspacecadet

IYKYK. And if you don't know, go follow her immediately. You can thank me later.

6. Race Day

Ok - back to the race! Courteney and her fast friends were all smiles...

Until the reality of the day's heat set it....

I had one job - deliver an aid bottle halfway through. When you have one job you can't mess it up. Dinosaur suits and obvious signs were utilized to maximize chances of success. 

We nailed the bottle, but even the best of fuel couldn't save these poor runners from the heat the day brought. 

They dug deep. They finished. And then sat in the street with the rest of the race carnage. 

To everyone who ran, my hat is so far off to you. It was a tough day on an already tough course. Thanks for inspiring me with your grit and tenacity. 

And thank you Boston Marathon, for reminding why I love my job so damn much.
It's weekends like this that make every tough day worth it.

Until the next time, let's keep pushing,
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