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Skratch Labs Recovery Mix 12 serving - Horchata

Skratch Labs Recovery Mix 12 serving - Horchata

Recover quickly after your toughest workouts with this recovery drink mix—a rapid and delicious refueling solution. Boasting a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, including a complete milk protein blend, it accelerates recovery faster than consuming carbs or protein alone. With added lactase, even lactose-intolerant individuals can relish this mix. Plus, the inclusion of Probiotic BC30 aids digestion, reducing post-workout soreness, while the sugar content efficiently transitions your body from breakdown to recovery mode.

  • Strawberries + Cream 21oz Strawberries + Cream 21oz
  • Chocolate 21oz Chocolate 21oz
  • Horchata 21oz Horchata 21oz
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How to use it

Mix two scoops with 12oz water, shake, and consume within 45 minutes of finishing your longest and hardest workouts to replenish glycogen stores in fatigued muscles pronto.

Why we love it

Because the team over at Skratch has geniously come up with an optimized macronutrient version of our favorite spiced Horchata drink. This version not only tastes delicious, it has an ingredient list you can actually understand AND it restores muscle glycogen (that's science talk for it refuels your muscles).

Dietary Information

Gluten-Free, High Carb, No Added Caffeine , Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegetarian, No Nuts (including peanuts), Soy Free

Nutritional Highlights

  • 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein
  • Designed to get to muscles fast

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Recovery Essential

Had a friend lend me some of his to try after a group workout and I can say it was like immediately hitting the revive button


This is my go to post training recovery mix on longer session days or higher intensity session days. The chocolate is so good! It tastes like an iced cocoa.


I love having this available when I get home and feel particularly drained from a hard ride. It’s nice to have something easy to mix up to replenish! Keeps me from eating everything in the fridge and keeps the recovery hunger manageable.

Lewis S.
None of the Nasties

I really appreciate how clean tasting the chocolate recovery drink mix is. So many recovery drinks have that odd 'chemically' after taste that is really off putting. Skratch recovery drink mix goes down easy and hit the digestive system hard. A satisfying post workout drink!

Jessica L.

It's a game changer for me. The difference in my ability to function after a long run or a hard gym day- is almost magical. And the flavor! With some oat milk and blended ice. Literally a strawberry milk shake.


The horchata mix is my favorite tasting recovery mix! Mixes well, tastes great. I even add it to my oats sometimes. But, the protein content is low for a post-exercise recovery mix!

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