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Meet Our Ambassadors: Rebecca

Today, we're introducing you to Rebecca, one of our Runnerbox Ambassadors. Be sure to stop over to her site to say hello. While you're there, check out her exclusive Runnerbox Ambassador discount code.

Rebecca, 39, Greater Boston, MA

Tell us a little about your personal running journey:

I have been running since I was 10 years old. Today, I run for my health, to set a good example for my kids and for my sanity. Running is a calming force in my life. It fills me with happiness and joy. It pushes me beyond my comfort zone. When I run I feel giddy, I feel like a badass, & I feel free. Running makes me who I am.

What is your favorite race distance and why:

I love the half marathon. It's the perfect distance. There is just enough time to settle in, enough time to zone out and then the just the right amount left to switch gears and go.

What's one race on your bucket list?

A 50 Miler

Three words that describe your running philosophy:

Drive. Acceptance. Joy.

What do you love most about Runnerbox?

I love opening a box of goodies and knowing that I'm getting to try products that other runners both trust and swear by. I don't have to worry about whether or not it's a good product. I just get to dive in and enjoy. It's total awesomeness. Where you can find me: Blog: Running With Music FB: RUNNINGWITHMUSIC Twitter: @runningwmusic

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