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Courteney's Grandma's Marathon Fuel Plan: Life After Spring Gels

Hey Fuel Gooders,

Remember a few months back when I unveiled my glorious Boston fueling plan? Then I slammed into a Fort Knox sized wall? Well, let's just say I've made some tweaks since then 😅

Some changes were driven by the shocking breakup with my once-favorite Awesome Sauce, and others came from hanging with the legendary Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs, who dropped some serious nutrition hacks on me.

Here at Fuel Goods, we don't keep secrets—so here's the scoop on the new high-carb fueling plan I've been testing for the past month and will unleash in Duluth.


TL;DR: I'm all in on carbs, and let me tell you, I'm feeling a gazillion times better on my runs. Carbs are not just back; they're here to stay, baby! (shouted enthusiastically from a long-time bread lover)


Breakfast Hack 🤯

Ready for this? I've been waking up to gulp down a bottle of Skratch Horchata Recovery three hours before the start. When Allen first suggested it, I thought he had lost his marbles. But I gave it a shot because hey, the guy's a nutrition grand master. Turns out, it's a winner because it's carb-heavy yet liquid, making it a dream for my finicky stomach.

I've been feeling so good on my runs that I've been screaming this hack from the rooftops! So, if your stomach is a drama queen like mine, I double dare you to try this. You might just love it.


Skratch Labs Recovery Mix 12 serving - Horchata - Fuel Goods


MORE CARBS. For the 40 minutes leading up to the race (and as close to the start as possible) I'll be sipping on a bottle full of 4 scoops of Skratch High Carb.

The goal? Load my system with readily available carbs my body can use like rocket fuel as soon as that starting gun pops without dipping into my precious glycogen stores.


Skratch Labs Super High Carb Sport Drink Mix - Raspberry - Fuel Goods

Race fuel

One thing is still the same. My vice-like grip on my handheld full of Skratch High Carb. With the heat cranking up, I've added Skratch Everyday Hydration to the mix for extra electrolytes so this girl doesn't dehydrate. Because the High Carb is such an important part of my fueling strategy and I'm such a hydration control freak so loved, Laura is flying up to Duluth so she can feed me a new bottle at the half way mark. 

Drumroll, please... for the big reveal of the gel that's stepping in for the one we don't talk about anymore. UCAN! Still road-testing some others, but UCAN has been a champ in training, so it's getting the nod for this race. The goal is to take one gel at the start, and then again every 45 minutes, for a total of 4 gels (strawberry banana flavor, to be exact). 





After the race, even if I’m totally spent, I have a scoop of Ascent Chocolate Whey (for pure protein) AND a scoop of Skratch Recovery Chocolate for a fast hit of carbs, mixed with water and ice within 30 minutes. Why? Because it's the most delicious love letter I can write my legs for sticking with me to the finish. Plus, they always reply with less soreness.


I need you, Midwest crew. HELP – WHAT IS THE REGIONAL TREAT I MUST TRY? Leave a comment and let me know your top picks—your insider tips are crucial for my culinary adventure!


✨All about the cookies 🍪🍪 • I will be totally transparent here though and  admit that I MAY have eaten 👆🏻 too many 👌🏻 cookies 🍪 this week 🤭😬…

If you're going to be at Grandma's, drop us a line so we can meet you in person and our on-site crew can amp up your race day with some serious cheering!

Pssst - all you fellow hydration control freaks, I bet you can get Laura to help you with an in-race feed 😉

Let’s make it one for the books,

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