6 Must Have Father's Day Gifts for Cyclists

Father’s Day is June 18th and let’s be real – there has got to be something better to get Dad than the popular, yet lethal combination of alcohol and power tools. Seriously, who decided that was a good idea? If you sometimes worry that your dad spends more time with his bike than with you, here are our favorite ideas to help him celebrate his day.


The RiderBox

Starting at $29

We’re shamelessy putting The RiderBox first, because honestly, what beats a box of riding awesome that is going to keep Dad happy for months. If you want a gift that is going to win Father’s Day for a cycling dad, you just found it.


Ballsy Ballwash


With all that time spent on a bike seat, help Dad help himself with this invigorating, activated charcoal body wash that features essential oils and plant extracts that will moisturize, clean and leave him smelling fantastic. And, according to Ballsy, will “keep the funk off his junk”.


Nigel Handlebar Bag

Starting at $120

Okay so, hear me out... your dad needs a bag for Father's Day. But not just any bag, the Nigel Handlebar Bag! It's waterproof, perfect for snacks (and other bike gear, I guess). Plus, it's made right here in our hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. What more could you ask for?


Shokz OpenRUN


We LOVE these headphones. They stay as put as a couch potato in the middle of a Netflix binge and their open-ear design will allow Dad to safely jam while staying fully in tune with the noises of cars and his other surroundings.


A New Watrbodl

Starting at $13

Yes you read that corretly - Watrbodl. This hilarious brand offers great options like this Super Big Ride bottle that will keep Dad smiling (and hydrated).


5x Premium Muc-Off Brush Set


This kit includes every type of brush Muc-Off make, so Dad can get excited about getting into every nook and cranny on his bike for a smooth, fast ride, while you relax in the sun with a glass of champagne (us ladies need to celebrate too).

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