Meet Our Ambassadors: Jody

Get ready to meet our next Runnerbox Ambassador...Jody!



Jody Stoops, 46, Southern California Tell us a little about your personal running journey: I am a personal trainer and a certified RRCA running coach with a passion for helping others achieve their goals, whether it’s running their first race, qualifying for the Boston Marathon or attaining a new healthy lifestyle through faith, fitness, motivation, and nutrition. As a marathoner, I have completed 11 full marathons, including the 2013 Boston Marathon and five San Francisco Marathons, my personal favorite. Most importantly, I’m a wife and mother of three teenagers balancing a life that involves staying healthy and fit while raising my family. Your favorite race distance and why: LOVE the full marathon! I love the challenge of the distance, pushing my body to its limits and the feeling of accomplishment after crossing the finish line. What's one race on your bucket list? NYC Marathon Three words that describe your running philosophy: Faith, Believe, Motivate What do you love most about Runnerbox? The high quality of products devoted to runners. Where can we find you online? Cross My Heart Fitness on Facebook Twitter: @xmyheartfitness Instagram: crossmyheartfitness
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