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Aahana's Lentil Bowl - Bombay Masala Rice & Lentil Bowl

Aahana's Lentil Bowl - Bombay Masala Rice & Lentil Bowl

Aahana’s Lentil Bowls are a tantalizing fusion of flavor and nutrition inspired by India’s culinary diversity. Packed with 15g of plant-based protein, sprouted grains, and lentil superfoods, along with zesty flavors, these cups are the ultimate meal for athletes, all in one oh-so-delicious bowl. Every bite is a celebration of health and flavor – trust us, we’re hooked!

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  • Jaipur Millet & Lentil Bowl Jaipur Millet & Lentil Bowl
  • Delhi Mung Beans & Rice Bowl Delhi Mung Beans & Rice Bowl
  • Bombay Masala Rice & Lentil Bowl Bombay Masala Rice & Lentil Bowl
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How to use it

Fill to line with boiling water, add lid back on and let sit for 8 minutes, and voila, you just made yourself a protein-packed, healthy, and ultra-convenient meal full of nourishing and satisfying ingedients. Perfect for lunch, post workout, or when cooking dinner is just not an option.

Why we love it

It's got the perfect amount of kick! Plus, these are the first on-the-go meal we've found that we'd happily eat on the regular. If stuck on a desert island without kitchen essentials (or, let's be real, anytime we don't have time to cook), this is what we're grabbing for.

Dietary Information

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Non-GMO, No Nuts (including peanuts), Organic, Dairy Free, No Added Caffeine , High Carb, Low Sugar, Sugar Free, Soy Free

Nutritional Highlights

  • 320 calories
  • 15g protein
  • Sprouted grains

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Love it !!

Im a lazy cook and this abs worked for me being vegan / veg etc !!! Love the homely spices and the wholesome food when u re super hungry but dont want to order or cook !!!!


I am constantly looking for healthy lunch options for my husband to eat at work. These are a quick, filling, healthy meal and he loves them! All natural and non-GMO. Only thing that could make them better was if they were 100% organic. But still 5-stars!

Cherah Lindo
Delicious & Nutritious

These bowls exceeded my expectations in flavor and quality. I accidentally added too much water to one bowl and it was still quite flavorful and delicious. For the rice bowls, I preferred to add more water than recommended for a softer texture. I'm in love with this product and intend to purchase more in the future.

Sanjay Dasgupta
Perfect for my fast paced life

I’ve recently discovered Aahana’s and it has become a must have at our pantry. During my work day, I just grab one and my lunch is ready in minutes. And the flavors taste awesome. Most importantly, they are healthy also. I’m a big fan now.


Readymade cooked rice item. Very convenient for everyone. Taste is not great.

Stephen M.

They are my favorite easy lunch. It's surprising how tasty they are.

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