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Any runner or triathlete knows tight and sore muscles happen. It's a fact of being active. There are many ways of treating your muscles, and today we're looking at a product featured in this month's RunnerBox (subscribers will find a $10 off coupon in their boxes).

From the Therawheel site: "We know the key to performance, recovery and growth is working with the body, not against it. The human body is an amazing and complex creation, but its rules are simple and needs are basic. Therawheel fits naturally with the human body, and the results help athletes perform better. Greater mobility is achieved, pain is reduced, normal function is restored, recovery is accelerated, performance is maximized, and return to play is faster with Therawheel." The folks at Therawheel spent years creating a tool which allows athletes from all disciplines to effectively treat sore and tight muscles. Take a look:

Heading out to a destination race? Therawheel packs easily into your luggage! It's also super easy to learn how to use. The folks at Therawheel spent a great deal of time putting together instructional videos which will have you treating yourself in no time at all. (Of course, remember Therawheel is not a replacement for necessary medical treatment). Want to win your very own Therawheel? Well, you're in luck! We're giving away one Therawheel to a very lucky RunnerBox Blog reader! This giveaway is going to go by fast, so get those fingers ready and enter now! Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway
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