Sneak Peek-PocketFuel in RunnerBox!

We are excited to be gearing up to start shipping out the August/September RunnerBoxes! Fall marathons are approaching, and mileage is ramping up. We here at RunnerBox have been busy testing out many great products and one of them is from a great company called PocketFuel. They have different flavors of nut butter blends in a reusable pouch, with a cap. Awesome for when you are out running or cycling and don't want to finish the entire pouch. Stow it away and save the rest for later. 100% natural, whole food ingredients consisting of nuts, seeds and fruits for a slow burning, easy to digest food. Perfect fuel before a long run. Flavors include: Chocolate Smackaroon, Chia Goji & Honey, Chocolate Espresso, Vanilla Haze, and more. Difficult to choose a favorite, they are all good! Here is their company's story as told by Heidi, their co-founder. PocketFuel is the brainchild of Mark Ribkoff. He is a product designer and innovator who brought that passion for perfection to PocketFuel. As an athlete with a competitive background and a triathlete training for his first IronMan he was looking for ways to fuel his body in a healthy, simple & portable way. He wanted real food, high in protein, fats and other important nutrients delivered in an easy to digest format. And it had to taste awesomely good. PocketFuel is WHOLE FOOD FUEL packaged in an entirely new way. We believe in using the best ingredients and the most innovative packaging we can. We use no preservatives or additives and are committed to selling something that we are passionate about. If we don’t LOVE the taste and texture of something, it doesn’t make the cut! You can take your PocketFuel on the road with you, camping, hiking, back-country skiing or sailing and refuel as you need. Or you can use it at home or the office. All of us at PocketFuel are committed and stoked athletes. We run, bike, swim, ski, kite, paddle, surf, hike, sail…. whatever gets us OUT playing and enjoying the day. 

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