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Meet Our Ambassadors: Michelle

Today, we're introducing you to Michelle, one of our amazing Runnerbox Ambassadors. Be sure to check out her site for an exclusive discount code and stay tuned as we introduce you to the rest of our Ambassadors.



Michelle, 42, Rhode Island Tell us a little about your personal running journey:

I run because it's part of who I am. When I became a mom, running changed from being something that I did for exercise to being something that gave me an identity other than mommy. I love my kids to pieces, but I treasure the solitude I get on a solo run, and the companionship I get when I run with friends. Running is my sanity and my escape, and an opportunity for me to have goals and accomplish things I never thought possible.

What's your favorite race distance and why?

Half-marathon - long enough to be a true test of endurance, but short enough that you can run fast!

What's one race on your bucket list?

Now that I've run Boston, I'm thinking NYC is going on the bucket list - hoping I can shave a few seconds off my half-marathon PR so I can qualify and don't have to wait out the lottery.

Three words that describe your running philosophy:

Never say never.

What do you love most about Runnerbox?

Very high-quality products, and such a wonderful variety, too. Opening a box feels like opening a customized running present!

Where can we find you online? On Facebook and Twitter

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