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Meet Our Ambassadors: Gelcys

My name is Gelcys better know as cheetah g. I am a mother runner married to a military vet. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis(curvature of the spine) at a VERY early age and needed a spinal fusion asap, due to the curve of my spine curving at a rapid rate. Spent 14+ hours on the operation table and recovery for months learning everything from sitting and walking again. My spine was so curved it actually gave me 4 inches of height, being that I was hunched over.

Soon after that surgery I was hit in a car accident causing the freshly placed rods, pins, and screws along my back to come out of place. I needed quick corrective surgery again.The damage was pretty bad and the surgery wasn't too great as it left me with chronic migraines and left one of the rods near the nerve that goes down my leg. What does that mean? No feeling in my leg!!! Spent months on crutches and doing therapy to try to avoid surgery but nothing. Another surgery to "fix" it. I was tired of these life changing and life risking surgeries on my spine, which control my body!

This whole time I'm told not to be active, not to run, just to take it easy. Problem with that? That's not how I roll! I tried and tried to run with my husband being he has been a runner for years, especially in the military. I would make it about 200 meters before I was dying in pain and lots of trouble breathing. Maybe they were right, maybe I can't run after all. NO WAY! My dream was to run and I was going to make it happen!!

Years later..my spine is still curved, my lungs are limited with space, and I suffer from chronic pains in my shins, back, hips, and head. No one was willing to help me overcome this, the easiest thing to do what to tell me not to run. I took it upon myself to find solutions with trial and errors. With much determination and tons of bad runs, and many tries to succeed, I am happy and proud to call myself a marathoner!! I have run over 10 5Ks, a few 10Ks, 3 half marathons, and my first full! I do not use my condition as an excuse! I use it as motivation to get me to the top! It takes a lot of patience, a lot of dedication and a lot of heart.I do have to train harder and longer for my races but I am a fighter, I am a Scoliosis warrior and my condition will NOT stop me from reaching my NYC Marathon dreams one day!!

I have shared my story over and over to give others the motivation and inspiration to fight and chase dreams. Nothing is impossible, I am proof that if you are determined enough, you will make your dreams a reality. NEVER GIVE UP!


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