Meet Our Ambassadors: Denise

Get ready to meet another one of our amazing Runnerbox Ambassadors: Denise! Be sure to check out all of our Ambassadors and their exclusive Runnerbox discount codes! 



Name: Denise, 30, Southeast Michigan Tell us a little about your personal running journey: I started the Couch to 5K program in January 2012 and then eventually trained for a 10K and half-marathon. With each race, I kept challenging myself and after my first half-marathon, my new goal was to run a marathon before my 30th birthday! I did not take this training lightly and tried very hard not to miss my scheduled runs. I relied on the support from my Black Girls RUN! running group who motivated me to finish what I had started. I can now say that I am a marathoner and I'm training for my 2nd marathon in 2014! I truly love to run because it's a great way to get exercise outdoors while spending quality time with friends and even with my Dad and sister who just completed their first half-marathon in October! What is your favorite race distance and why: My favorite race distance is probably a 10K because it's the perfect amount of cardio my body needs to maintain my current level of fitness. What's one race on your bucket list? Walt Disney World Marathon Three words that describe your running philosophy: Determined. Journey. Happiness. What do you love most about Runnerbox? First, I love getting mail! I love that Runnerbox is packed with a variety of different products that I would have never experienced on my own! In fact, a lot of the bars and gels that I buy on a regular basis are because I was introduced to them through the Runnerbox. Where can we find you online? Facebook and YouTube Stay tuned for more from our Ambassadors!
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