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The RiderBox® Subscription

The RiderBox® Subscription

Meet your secret weapon for cycling success!

When you sign up for a RiderBox® subscription, it's like having a dedicated support team that ensures you're always geared up, ready to pedal, and excited about the thrill of discovering new cycling essentials every other month.

Prepare to be hooked! With The RiderBox®, you'll never run out of reasons to push your limits and conquer your cycling goals. 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️💨

Starting from $32/box!

  • Your boxes will ship every two months, so you’ve got six amazing packages coming your way. This plan auto-renews at the end of the year term, but you can cancel anytime - we'll only ever ship you what you've already paid for.


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  • Pay per box


    Plan Benefits

    - Flexibility to pause, skip, or cancel anytime

    - Members only pricing on the entire Fuel Goods store (20% off)

    - VIP Community with exclusive giveaways and content

    Pay $40 every 2 months
    +$4.95 Shipping/box
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  • Pay six monthly


    Plan Benefits

    - All prior plan benefits PLUS

    - Save 10% on each box

    - Save 40% on shipping

    Pay $108 every 6 months
    +$2.95 Shipping /box
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  • Pay annually

    $32 /box

    Plan Benefits

    - All prior plan benefits PLUS

    - Save 20% on each box

    - Save 40% on shipping

    Pay $192 every 12 months
    +$2.95 Shipping/box
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What comes in the latest box?

June - July

Order today and your first box will be our June - July Edition. This box is packed to the rafters with new releases to keep you hydrated, fueled, and ready to hit your goals this spring!

What Comes Inside

      Worth over $60 This could be yours for $32
    • Carbs Fuel Energy Gel

      Carbs Fuel Energy Gel

      MSRP: $2.00
    • Reup Protein Smoothie - Apple Pie

      Reup Protein Smoothie - Apple Pie

      MSRP: $3.12
    • Sweet Nothings Nut Butter Bites-Chocolate Peanut Butter

      Sweet Nothings Nut Butter Bites-Chocolate Peanut Butter

      MSRP: $2.99
    • Tailwind Rapid Hydration - Berry

      Tailwind Rapid Hydration - Berry

      MSRP: $1.90
    • Tailwind Rapid Hydration - Orange

      Tailwind Rapid Hydration - Orange

      MSRP: $1.90
    • Polar Joe Cold Brew Protein

      Polar Joe Cold Brew Protein

      MSRP: $3.99
    • Tailwind Rapid Hydration-Raspberry

      Tailwind Rapid Hydration-Raspberry

      MSRP: $1.90
    • Tailwind Rapid Hydration - Lemon Lime

      Tailwind Rapid Hydration - Lemon Lime

      MSRP: $1.90
    • Tailwind Rapid Hydration - Strawberry Lemonade

      Tailwind Rapid Hydration - Strawberry Lemonade

      MSRP: $1.90
    • Joshua Tree Reef Safe Face Stick-SPF 50

      Joshua Tree Reef Safe Face Stick-SPF 50

      MSRP: $15.99
    • Speed Labs Energy Gummies

      Speed Labs Energy Gummies

      MSRP: $2.49
    • BootRescue SneakerRescue Wipes

      BootRescue SneakerRescue Wipes

      MSRP: $8.60
    • Jessica's Granola Pecan Almond-2oz

      Jessica's Granola Pecan Almond-2oz

      MSRP: $2.00
    • Bonk Breaker Peanut Butter and Chocolate Energy Bar

      Bonk Breaker Peanut Butter and Chocolate Energy Bar

      MSRP: $2.75
    • Hyland's Leg Cramps Tablets (50ct)

      Hyland's Leg Cramps Tablets (50ct)

      MSRP: $15.99

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What's the deal with this bimonthly thing?

    We know what you’re thinking…most subscription companies ship their boxes monthly. Yeah, we know. But we’re not like most subscription companies. Rather than do what everyone else is doing, we thought long and hard about what makes the best experience for YOU. And in doing that, we decided that sending a box every other month, or bimonthly, provides YOU the best experience. WHY?

    Well, lots of reasons. But mainly because a month flies by (ask any lady, ever.) and before you know it, you’ve got boxes stacking up with things you never even got to try. We absolutely stuff our boxes to the brim and meticulously select every item that goes inside. We want you to have a chance to try everything and we want you to have the proper amount of time to do so (no one should be trying a new gel on race day - just sayin’) so we made the decision to ship boxes every other month.

    I just ordered my subscription. When are my boxes coming?

    When you place your order, our latest and greatest subscription box will ship to you right away. (95% of boxes ship within 1 business day) No starter box (code for “old stuff we didn’t sell”) like some other guys and gals do. That’s right, Monday-Friday we ship out boxes Every. Dang. Day. This has to do with that whole ‘relentless pursuit to give you the best experience’ thing we’re obsessed with. By shipping out every day, you will get your first box immediately and it will be our most current, up-to-date, hot off the press edition. Then exactly two months later your next box will ship and so on. For example, if you ordered on February 15th your first box would ship right away, then your next box would be headed to you on April 15th, then June 15th, etc. You might just wanna mark that day on your calendar to get ready for all the awesomeness that is headed your way!

    How long does it take for my order to arrive?

    Our warehouse ships boxes daily Monday-Friday. If you order before 1PM EST your box will ship the same day. If you order after 1PM, it will ship out the next morning. If you order over the weekend, your box will ship on Monday.*

    Delivery times vary based on where you live, but generally are between 2-5 business days once in transit. We ship from North Carolina, so the closer you are to there, the faster they will be!

    If Ground shipping is just not fast enough for you, we also offer expedited delivery for $10 per box. Our expedited shipping service takes 2 business to deliver once in transit.

    *There may be slight delays due to peak holiday rush or unforeseen circumstances, however 95% of our boxes ship out within 1 business-day. We observe all postal service holidays which can be found here.

    How does your subscription billing work?

    We offer three billing plans with different payment intervals. No matter which plan you choose, a box will ship to you every other month. The payment options allow you to: – Pay as each box ships – Pay for 6 months at a time – Pay for 1 year at a time The longer the period you pay upfront, the more money you save (and who wouldn’t want to save money?) All our plans auto-renew at the end of the billing period, but we’re not that company that hopes you forget you have a subscription and keeps charging you. We will ALWAYS notify you before upcoming renewals and you will ALWAYS have the option to cancel your subscription before it renews. We won’t take it personally. (Well maybe a little, but we’ll be OK.)

    What if I'm buying the subscription as a gift and don't want it to renew?

    We thought you might ask that. We make cancellation easy as pie.

    What if I want to change plans?

    No problem. You can switch between subscription billing plans at any time. For example, if you order a pay-per-box subscription and then decide, - “I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THE RUNNERBOX!” - you can simply go to your My Account area and upgrade to the six-month or annual plan so you save money on every box.

    What if I want to cancel my subscription? Can I cancel at any time?

    You sure can! You always have full control over your subscription through your My Account area on our website.

    If you purchased a subscription where you paid for boxes in advance and cancel before the end of your pre-paid period, cancellation won't affect anything you already paid for. You will still receive the boxes you paid for upfront, but your subscription will NOT renew after you receive your final shipment.

    Simply click the contact us page or open up the chat and we can take care of the cancellation for you as well.

    Please note that once an order has shipped, it can not be canceled. If you cancel an order after it has shipped, we can not guarantee a full refund.

    How will the recipient know who the box is from?

    By the wonderful gift note you leave them, of course! We will include your note in the holiday card which will be the first thing the recipient sees when they open the box.

    Note: Our boxes are like flowers – if they come with no note, the recipient may go crazy trying to figure out who got them such a thoughtful and awesome gift.

    Over 100k happy athletes

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Florence Howden

    I love discovering new products to enhance my training and racing. So many things I never knew I needed and now can't live without! They cover all the bases.

    Ricky Arnopol
    Unmatched Quality

    I can't wait for each RiderBox to arrive! Great quality products that come from great quality people. 11/10.

    Julie Kulieza

    I absolutely love The RiderBox! It gives me a chance to try a lot of new products that I would never have known about otherwise. You can definitely tell that they do their research when it comes to what they have in each box.

    Eric Anderson

    Kudos to the team for creating a gift that truly understands cyclists' needs because I sure didn’t. What a weight off my shoulders when I found this box.

    Ryan Mitchell

    The RiderBox gift subscription is my go-to for surprising my cycling buddies. It's a thoughtful and practical gift for any cyclist in your life. Two thumbs up!

    Hannah Martinez

    I won Christmas with The Rider Box. I know nothing about cycling, but my boyfriend loved it!