Mashable – 11 of the best fitness subscription boxes for any type of wellness junkie

3. The Runner Box

Running obsessives will appreciate headphones, water bottles, and snacks for an inspiration boost.

  • Value per box: $40 – $60
  • Cycle: Bimonthly
  • Customizable options: TriBox, CycleBox
Just when you thought runners couldn’t get any more obsessed with running, the Runner Box is perfect for those of us who run six miles miles for fun — or for those who want to get into running, but aren’t sure where to start.
Mentioned by ClassPass and Everyday Health as one of the best boxes for runners, this bi-monthly box offers goodies that will aid in every leg of your run (pun intended). Items include headphones, protein bars and other healthy snacks, water bottles, and more for about half of what you’d pay IRL — many coming from unique brands that you won’t find at a Dick’s Sporting Goods.
If your love for cardio is aimed toward something other than marathons, the same company also has boxes catered toward cycling and triathlons. Regardless of your passion, you can choose to pay $20 twice a month for $60 worth of stuff. For the days you’d really rather just binge Game of Thrones instead of hitting the road, those 11 to 14 items might just be enough incentive to get off the couch.
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