Everyday Health – 5 Fitness Subscription Boxes, Tested and Reviewed by an Exercise Fiend

I don’t know about you, but after seeing FabFitFun (the popular fitness-inspired delivery service) take over the Instagram world via fitness influencers and B-list celebrities from The Bachelor, I had to find out for myself what the hype was about. So while this was originally a politically charged mission to discover FabFitFun’s secrets (I needed to know), I thought it would be worthwhile to try out other fitness delivery services alongside it.

You may be asking: What’s the point of signing up for an exercise box? As a longtime athlete, I have always been fascinated by the different aspects of fitness: from the quality (and quantity) of exercise we need to protein supplements and muscle recovery. But sometimes it’s hard to focus on the parts of fitness that we need most. Maybe you’re looking to boost your protein intake, or train for that marathon, or take on more advanced yoga moves. These boxes claim to help you accomplish those goals by providing clothing, supplies, and nutrients straight to your doorstep.

I chose five boxes that each cater to specific fitness niches, such as CrossFit or running. I then tested them for content quality and effectiveness (that is, whether the items in the box would truly help someone who participates in the suggested niche — that is the point, isn’t it?).

Here’s what I thought about each of them.

The RunnerBox

runner box

For The Marathoner

Price $14.50 per month; Buy It Here

What’s inside

  • Run Gum Mint Energy Gum
  • Rise Buddy Pizza Rice Chips
  • Koyah Organic Whole-Leaf Kale Powder
  • Recipe card
  • Bia Bar Sweet & Salty Protein Bar
  • Veo Strip Sweat-Proof Band
  • Isocean Seawater Hydration Energy Gel
  • Dr. Price’s Electrolyte Mix Packets
  • Xendurance Fuel-5 Berry Protein Blend
  • RxBar Mango Pineapple Protein Bar
  • NIØ 02 Focus Tape Pre-Workout Tri-Tape
  • WalBall Massage Tool

Helpful? Definitely!

Overall grade A

Thoughts For anyone who runs, bikes, or does triathlons (congratulations to you), this box will be your new best friend. And while RunnerBox does offer other subscriptions for cyclists and triathletes, I found the original RunnerBox to be the best of all worlds, with something for every kind of runner or cardio enthusiast. Overall, I thought the box did a great job of hitting all the targets for pre-, mid-, and post-workout needs, and even included supplements for different types of diets. The electrolyte-based mix packets are perfect for mid-run fuel. The workout tape is ideal for muscle therapy if you’re going through an injury, while the massage tool included is helpful for post-workout recovery. The protein products are great post-workout fillers — plus, I thought it was great that they included Koyah, a plant-based protein for vegans. What I loved most is that I could tell all the products were hand-picked with purpose!

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