The Ultimate Recovery Giveaway!

At RunnerBox, we understand that training and racing can leave you SMASHED so we've teamed up with two of our favorite Colorado companies to give you a chance to win a package of awesomeness that will snap your body back into shape. What's included, you ask?
  • A pair of Recofit compression pants. We were lucky enough to be able to test out a pair of these pants before they were available for sale. WOW! They are the most comfortable compression pants we've tried yet. They're made with a carbon fabric that "breathes and disperses heat and moisture, offers negative ionization, gradient compression and ribbed massage." And guys, don't worry. The initial pair was designed for women, but will look just as flattering on you. To learn more, check them out HERE
  • Colorado Aromatics 'Athlete Care Kit'. Colorado Aromatics is owned by Dr. Cindy Jones, a herbalist and scientist who grows most of the herbs used in her products on a farm which I pass almost every day when I train. Dr. Jones is a highly sought after product development consultant to the natural cosmetic and skin care industry. Her passion for science and her love of herbs is the catalyst behind Colorado Aromatics and the special Athlete Care Kit she formulated for us. It includes:
    • Sole Pleasure Foot Butter
    • Joint Jam,
    • Clear Creek Body Powder
    • Bath Salts
  • Learn more about Dr. Jones great product line HERE. Trust us, your body will thank you.

How to Enter:

Share a post-workout or post-race photo that shows you in need of some serious RECOVERY. Share in one of three ways, or all three to increase your chances.
  1. Tweet your photo, tag @runnerbox, @COaromatics and @recofit with #recoverymode
  2. Instagram your photo, tag @runnerbox, @coloradoaromatics and @recofitcompression with #recoverymode
  3. Post to our Facebook page at tag @runnerbox, @coloradoaromatics and @recofit with #recoverymode


  • Posts will be accepted during the months of October and November, with a final winner selected on December 5th
  • You can post one entry to each platform per day, so don't be shy!
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