The Race Calendar

This is the time of year many are planning their race calendars for next year, and beginning to train for upcoming races. Training is the perfect time to experiment with new products, to see how the affect you, and how you like them- on easier workouts or before race day.

We’ve chosen some great products and hope you like them as much as we do! One long time favorite coming to you in this first box is Accel Gel. The difference between Accel and many other gels is that it has a patented 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein, so you get 50% better muscle recover, delivering rapid energy to your working muscles, and it’s all natural. Many gels are all carbs, so you may feel that “crash” that comes later when your blood glucose drops back down. The protein in this gel helps to stabilize that. Accel also tastes great- it’s thinner than most gels so it’s goes down easy- nice bonus! It comes in chocolate (20 mg caffeine), vanilla, strawberry kiwi, raspberry cream (40mg caffeine), key lime, and citrus orange. They also have an Accel 2nd surge gel, with a kick of 100mg caffeine in chocolate and espresso flavors- also excellent! The 2nd surge has 3gm of protein compared to the regular Accel’s 5 gm. They have a variety of flavors for every taste- from sweet chocolate, tart raspberry, smooth coffee, and in between. Try it.. it think you’ll like it!

What races do you have on the calendar for 2013?

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