Sneak Peek -Red Rush- February/March Subscription Box

We are excited to be bringing you Red Rush Nitric Oxide boost in your next subscription box! Red Rush contains 500 mg of beet nitrate.
Beet juice consumption has been studied and shown to improve endurance performance. The research behind this is compelling. Studies show beet juice juice consumption allows your muscles to perform the same amount of work while using less oxygen, making your body's energy production more efficient. The following conclusions have been made: use of beet juice increases time to exhaustion, reduces oxygen cost of intense exercise, improves performance, lowers rates of perceived exertion, and improves times of endurance athletes.
Not only will the properties of beets improve your workouts, but they have other great benefits too! They are packed with antioxidants. The bright deep crimson that gives beets their color are powerful phytonutrients that may help to ward off cancer. Nitric oxide not only helps to improve stamina, but also helps regulate blood pressure and promotes cardiovascular health. They are also a source of betaine, a nutrient that helps fight inflammation. your beets! Red Rush makes it REALLY easy to simply shoot a Red Rush for a nitric oxide boost before your next workout.
Red Rush is an all-natural, cherry-flavored beet juice shot that contains 500 mg of dietary nitrate. The body converts nitrate into nitric oxide, a signaling agent that widens blood vessels, allowing 38% more blood to reach the skeletal muscles. The extra blood and oxygen improves stamina while reducing the buildup of lactic acid. Use coupon code "RUNBEET9" to receive $9 off of a 12 pack purchase at
Red Rush will:
  • -Decrease fatigue by reducing lactic acid buildup
  • -Promotes fast, full recovery
  • -Increases stamina naturally
  • -Elevates physical performance
  • -Just Nitric Oxide
  • -No Ephedra
  • -No Caffeine
  • -No Stimulants
Try Red Rush in your February/March RunnerBox and Shop for more at
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