Pain Free in 2017 - Hyperice and HOTSHOT Giveaway

2017 is here and with it comes all of our New Year's Resolutions. I'm sure we all want to get faster, stronger and fitter, but the one thing we often overlook is that to achieve all those things we have to stay on top of our recovery and as far away from injuries as possible. So, we're kicking off the New Year with our Pain Free in 2017 Giveaway brought to you by the fine folks at Hyperice and Team HOTSHOT. They'll be stocking you up with awesome gear to take care of all those pains and niggles that can keep you off the road and slow you down.

What Exactly are we giving away???

  • A Hyperice Vyper ($199 value) - it's a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device/roller that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body's overall performance. AKA a vibrating foam roller. Yep, that's right. Half the work, twice the bang for your buck. It's excellent for myofascial release, warm up, and reducing muscle soreness and stiffness for a better recovery.
  • A Hyperice Hypersphere ($149 value) - The Hypersphere uses Localized Vibration Therapy which increases range of motion and flexibility + circulation. Keeping the body's soft tissue loose is essential for maintaining flexibility and range of motion. While soft tissue balls can help the body stay loose, adding vibration with the intensity and frequency of The Hypersphere takes the whole experience to another level. Need we say more?
  • HOTSHOT 12 Pack and SWAG Pack ($100 value) - HOTSHOT IS the first and only scientifically proven solution to prevent and treat muscle cramps where they start, at the nerve. You'll land a 12 pack of this cramp busting solution along with some training gear
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