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Meet Our Ambassadors: Brian

Today, we're introducing you to our Ambassador, Brian, but you can call him Dashing Dad. Read on to learn more about Brian, and don't forget to check out his site for an exclusive Ambassador discount code!

Brian, Sacramento Valley, CA

Tell us a little about your personal running journey:

I have been running this time for 3.5 years. I ran a bit in high school, and did some running in college, but nothing like this. I run because a) it is something I am good at, b) it allows me to stay in shape without a gym, and c) I can do it anywhere. I love the camradere of runners, always supportive, no matter your speed or ability. I also like that I can take some time for myself.

Your favorite race distance and why:

I really like the half marathon distance. It is a distance that I can maintain fairly easily, it doesn't take too much time of my day (I am consistently below 2 hrs), and the races are easy to find. Also, there are so many varieties of halves from flat to trail.

What's one race on your bucket list?

I completed my main bucket race of 15 years at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. My new bucket race is the Pikes Peak marathon. It sounds like an amazing challenge that I want to say I've done

Three words that describe your running philosophy:

Just a half

What do you love most about Runnerbox?

I like the fact that I can try new things with Runnerbox, and it is a nice treat when the box shows up at my door. It's like my birthday is every other month. Where can we find you online? Facebook Twitter Instagram

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