Island Boost

Subscribers to RunnerBox get the opportunity to try Island Boost, a unique and refreshing gel. One of the things that makes Island Boost unique is that it's a liquid. As a liquid, it's easier to down the whole shot and deliver necessary electrolytes and fuel into your bloodstream quicker. There is no need to consume additional water with it. It is gluten free, vegan, made with coconut water and no artificial sweeteners. Delicious frozen for runs on a hot day! When you place your order for more Island Boost be sure to enter the code RUNBOX10 for 10% off your order.

Here are some FAQ's about Island Boost: Faster fuel - hits the bloodstream in under five minutes because we use glucose and coconut water which don't require digestion. This allows you to take it the moment you notice energy levels dropping or the beginning of muscle aches. You can beat the bonk!! Can also be taken very late in a race, where other products require 20 minutes to digest before the energy is delivered into the bloodstream as glucose, Island Boost is your 10-Mile Magic Bullet in a half marathon and we have people who take it at mile 23 in their marathons...and they're WINNING! Formulated to be gentle on the stomach! the founder formulated this due to experiencing nausea and vomiting when using other products. The package is tall so that the liquid will sit at the bottom and not spill on you when you tear off the tab at the top. Fold the top over and it's the same size as a packet of Gu - so don't let the size of the package make you think it's actually bigger. No maltodextrin - this is the carbohydrate used in most products. It's an artificial, manmade polymerized carbohydrate and for many can upset the stomach. We use glucose as our primary carb and fructose (natural fructose, NOT a jacked up polymerized version that we see in HFCS) Flavored with natural fruit juice concentrates.

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