Chocolate #9

RunnerBox subscribers will get to try out a gel called Chocolate #9 in the next cycle of boxes shipping out. This is a unique gel because it is stated to be the first and only certified low glycemic energy gel. It is sweetened with organic agave only, no refined sugar or high glycemic index sweeteners. The Low GI factor reduces the the negative effect of repetitive insulin spiking during sustained exercise- so less chance of sugar highs and "bonk". This is great particularly for endurance athletes, diabetics, sugar sensitivities or anyone choosing not to eat refined sugar. Its also vegan, low fat, and gluten free (gluten free gels are not easy to find btw). No preservatives, colorings, etc. And it tastes good. Really good. It comes in one flavor, chocolate. It is a Belgian style dark roast cocoa mixed with agave- a simple all natural gel. We are excited to share this awesome gel with you. Check out the website at
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