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6 Must Have Mother's Day Gifts for Runners 2024

Who runs the world? Moms.

(Sorry, Beyoncé, but you needed to be more specific.)

And whether a dog-mom, a like-a-mom, a mother-at-heart, the owner of a business baby, or a mom-mom, May 12th we get to celebrate these rockstars.

So what exactly do you get a runner mom? Here are our top picks:

Melanie Yates Senior Service Editor for Best Products said, “Focus on smaller accessories, supplements, recovery products... think: running/armbands, no-tie shoelaces, sunscreen, cooling muscle rubs, and packs of her favorite gels or gummies,” she suggested. 

TL;DR: Make your life easy. Get Mom The RunnerBox.


Dr. Stacy Sims wrote this comprehensive, physiology-based guide to peak performance for active women approaching or experiencing menopause. It's been a hit around the world so if you've noticed Mom breaking out into a sweat more than normal, this just might be your winner.


This high tech monitor analyzes your sweat moment-to-moment. It's like having a personal hydration guru right in your ear spilling the tea on your body’s hydration needs. 



Packed with clinical-strength Menthol and Methyl Salicylate, plus Arnica and Turmeric, this innovative roll on is like a personal masseuse in a bottle. The unique applicator with 3 Stainless Steel Rollerballs offers a targeted massage that's perfect for moms who need a massage but don't have time

  The Another Mother Runner community of mother runners is second to none. If Mom is looking to run her best with an awesome crew, then sign her up to Train Like a Mother.

 Is your mom that one that always asks, "Did you get a receipt?" Give her the gift of customization so she can select her own box of fuel, snacks, and accessories that turn into epic runs, legendary workouts, and grand adventures.
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