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2024 LIMITED EDITION: Runner's Valentine's Day Box - Fuel Goods

Be prepared to be smitten!

Here's all the deets on the amazing products we've included in this box.

Flavabar Performance Dark Chocolate

MRSP: $5.00

Flavor: Roasted Almond and Pink Sea Salt

Your relationship with chocolate just got a serious upgrade. FlavaBar is loaded with 5x the plant-based cocoa flavanol antioxidants of standard dark chocolate. Put simply, it's every runner's dream: Chocolate...with benefits.

Kinfield Anti-Chafe Balm

MRSP: $16.00

Flavor: All-Star

This anti-chafe is like a love shield against the rubs and irritations of life in motion. Packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like Plum Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil, your skin will thank you if you apply before runs (or other 'events') that you may experience chafing.

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GU Energy Gel - Fuel Goods

GU Energy Gel

MRSP: $1.60

Flavor: Chocolate Outrage

Nothing says I love you to your favorite runner like chocolate. Chocolate GU that is. This gel is the perfect fuel to keep mid-run slumps at bay and romance with the road alive.

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GU Energy Stroopwafel

MRSP: $1.50

Flavor: Wild Berries

This GU Wild Berries Stroopwafel will drive any runner wild. These Dutch-inspired delights are a symphony of complex and simple carbohydrates, essential amino acids, and electrolytes making them the perfect way to say, "I love your energy!"

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AMG Snacks Energy Bites 4oz - Fuel Goods

AMG Bites

MRSP: $5.99

Flavor: Strawberry Vanilla

These delicious strawberry vanilla bites are the perfect fusion of flavor and function for your active sweetheart. They contain no artificial ingredients and jam-packed with a robust blend of healthy fats, protein, and fiber to satisfy your cravings. Sorry, only the snack kind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Buff Original EcoStretch Neckwear

MRSP: $22.00

Flavor: Love Buff

Do it in the Buff: This custom neckwear lets you do it any way you want. As a neck gaiter. As a face protector. As a head covering.

Less Evil Sweetheart Popcorn

MRSP: $1.00

Flavor: White Chocolate Strawberry

This delightfully sweet popcorn is sure to make your Valentine's heart pop with joy. Especially when they nosh on these delicious kernels post-run and realize they're the perfectly light after-mileage treat.

GU Energy Chews

MRSP: $2.50

Flavor: Strawberry

On Valentine's Day, you should #GUforit. These chews are designed to energize, uplift, and make sure you finish strong. (We’re talking about your run, of course)

rnnr Marathon Crew Socks

MRSP: $20.00

Flavor: Love at First Stride

Offering a cushioned footbed and arch support, these heart embellished crew socks are the ultimate solemate to hug your feet, strut you stuff, and run all the miles with. PRO TIP: Pair these with the included buff, for the ultimate runner version of lingerie 😆

GU Energy Gel

MRSP: $1.60

Flavor: Raspberry Lemonade

Make your Valentine’s Day *zesty* with this Raspberry Lemonade gel. Just like a spunky Valentine, it’ll use a mix of tartness and sweetness to invigorate you.

Tacx 500ml Water Bottle - Fuel Goods

Tacx Custom Water Bottle

MRSP: $9.99

Flavor: Fuel Goods

Valentine's Day just might get sweaty. This custom Tacx water bottle is ready to make hydrating easy and stylish with its fun design

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Personalized Love Note

MRSP: $1.99

This love note is the perfect way to let someone know they make you feel good! We recommend leaving your own custom message to really make this gift over the top.

That's over $80 of running love ❤️

And it can be yours for $45 thanks to our wonderful partners 🫶

The only catch is that quantities are limited so you have to act fast!