P4: Proven4 Sport Certified Energy Drink

Today, we're taking a look at a company making their debut in Runnerbox: Proven4, a Michigan-based company dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality vitamins and sports supplements. Included in the wide range of products offered by Proven4 is the Proven4 Sport Certified Energy Drink Formula.

The Proven4 Sport Energy Drink Formula is NSF certified, which means professional athletes can feel confident using the product without the worry of violating any league substance policies. What does NSF certified mean, exactly?

In addition to a superior blend of ingredients, Proven4 Certified Energy Drink Formula has been screened and analyzed for banned substances allowing this product to carry the prestigious NSF Certified for Sport symbol. The NSF Certified for Sport program is offered by NSF International, an independent testing facility that focuses on protection against adulteration of products, verification of label claims with product contents and identification of athletic banned substances in the finished product or ingredients. This program is part of NSF's successful 60-year history of providing certification programs for food, water and consumer goods.

The Energy Drink Formula is designed to give you a boost whenever you need it: before, during, or after a workout. It mixes easily into water, without a gritty consistency or aftertaste and gives a gentle energy boost without crashing or caffeine jitters. The Fruit Punch flavor isn't overly sweet, so no worries about upset stomachs on race day! Proven4 Sport Energy Drink Formula is perfect to carry along the course in your fuel belt as an alternative to some of the sugary sports drinks served at a race. Proven4 offers much more than energy drinks! They offer three distinct lines of products (Sport, Certified Sport, and Health) designed to make the best you, including a wide range of vitamins and supplements for men, women, and children: from daily multivitamins to vitamins for skin, hair, and nails. 

Runnerbox subscribers will find $10 gift certificates to Proven4 in their October/November boxes. 

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