February- National Cherry Month!

Not only does February belong to Valentine's Day...but it is also National Cherry Month! RunnerBox makes it's home in Michigan where we grow an abundance of delicious cherries. December/January boxes contained dried cherries from Cherry Bay Orchards in Traverse City, MI. We hope you enjoyed them! We are fans not only because they taste so good, but because they have big benefits for runners and all athletes.
  • Cherries aid in muscle recovery due to the anthocyanins, which are anti-inflammatory. Anthocyanins are the powerful antioxidants which give the deep red color to the fruit.
  • These anti-inflammatory properties aid in muscle recovery, in turn less post run muscle and joint pain.
  • Cherries contain melatonin which help regulate the sleep cycle. Runners need sleep!
  • Cherries are "good carbs", a terrific pre or post run snack. Dried, you can throw them in your pocket or running belt. The concentrate is easy to mix into liquid.
We hope all of the subscribers enjoyed your Michigan cherries! They are delicious as is, in oatmeal, tossed into trail mix, or baked into breads, energy bars or cookies. You can find wonderful recipes at www.cherrybayorchards.com/lifestyle/recipes.html

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